Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Guest blogging: The Victorinox I.N.O.X

Made to last

Victorinox has a well known and long-lived vision of creating the most robust and durable products you can ever imagine, being cutlery or being watches. What most people recognize about Victorinox is their Swiss Army knife. Such fame comes not by coincidence. Well-based fame is created and forged with time and Victorinox is once again about to show what they’re worthy of. The Victorinox I.N.O.X really is “made to last”.

Being a Victorinox enthusiast I am so pleased about getting to write about their products, but this time they really have thrown me off the chair.
The Victorinox I.N.O.X (French for “stainless steel”) has been run through 130 tests for their creators to be really sure when they say “This is what we want to give our customers”. 30 of these tests are exclusively made to challenge the I.N.O.X in any way possible. For Victorinox it is just as relevant to create a watch that can survive a sandstorm as it can endure a machine wash. Are you thinking about leaving the social world behind to a place with temperatures dropping below -50 degrees? Well heck the I.N.O.X can do that too.

The magic of the Victorinox watches is that they’re so versatile. You can personalize and emphasize the watches as much as you like, but when it’s time to proper the watch for the next generation the work has already been done – from the inside and out.
The 21st century is all about quality and Victorinox watches are all made with the Swiss skill perfection the society back in the 1880’s fell in love with even then.

The I.N.O.X has a 43mm solid steel case, done with the Swiss certainties such as sapphire glass and water resistance down to a depth that most of you will never reach, unless your showerhead provides such a pressure as 200 meters below sea level does.

The Victorinox I.N.O.X comes in a big variation of colours and strap combos. My personal favourite is without a doubt the green dial with the green rubber strap. Who will not recognize a green, sleekly shining beauty on your left wrist? The case comes with a removable bumper in black rubber for you to take on and off whenever you like. Take a look at the Victorinox website for the full run-through.   

Full text written by Henrik of Sartorial Living (@sartorialliving) in partner with the Victorinox brand. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Guest blogging: Victorinox Alliance

Victorinox Alliance
The mechanical watch of stylish elegance

Ever since the first automatic watches came in production there has been a continuously growing revolution within the production. Yes, there have been eras where the digital watches ruled and there has been eras where the old fashion battery watches ruled. These are just trends. And as we all know; trends come and go. The revolution of automatic watches have continued to evolve and the Victorinox Alliance is one step further in the revolution. I suggest you make it your step.

As time changes; you change. It will always be a difference in a man's preferences when it comes to watches. One year you would want a golden watch with a huge case, the next year you will want a small cased leather watch. Many of you most likely know that the watch you always turn back to is the mid-size steel timepiece that never goes out of fashion. The Alliance is that watch.
The watch in itself? Outwardly, the watch provides you with a serious, yet stylish expression, the pure definition of a watch that can be worn well with every outfit. The 40 millimeter stainless steel case is made with world known Swiss perfection, including the platitudes such as sapphire glass and luminescent time hands. The auto movement called ETA-2824 is known as being amongst the most robust and reliable mechanics within Swiss craftsmanship. I would like to call it a glowing expression of timeless fashion awareness.
The Victorinox Alliance is also available as a chronograph with a 1 of a 10th second precision, one of them with a fine carbon looking case, which I have tagged as my personal favorite (shown above). Visit the Victorinox home site for a complete overview and possible locations of purchase.

Full text written by Henrik of Sartorial Living (@sartorialliving) in partner with the Victorinox brand. 

Monday, 12 May 2014

#WIWT : Superga 2750 Classics

Due to change of lifestyle, from store worker to student, I'm not able to post as much as I once did or, sadly, as much as I would like to. That being said I will try to give you something from time to time. 

I update my Instagram (@sartorialliving) a lot more than the blog, so if you're not following it; make sure you do.

I'm not getting tired of the cotton suits to be honest. The vast enjoyment has utterly increased when I recently received these Superga 2750 Classics from Italy. I think they were the last piece I needed to finally complete the cotton suit look. 

I hope you like it.

Sandro cotton coat

Flanella Grigia made to measure suit
Ray-Ban glasses

Morris Stockholm shirt + tie
Boggi pocket square

Superga 2750 Classic sneakers

In the summer -> bright raw denim + Superga

Dondup Italy jeans

Monday, 22 July 2013

Supply #6 - SALE

The summer is still up and running, which means that the summer sale is as well. Soon there will be no pieces left to mention, so it's time to check the online sites to see something that also can be used when the temperature is dropping. Look for pieces with the fabrics cotton/wool and colors that's possible to use through fall.

Check the links under the picture to see some good and cheap sites for online shopping, even though I am no online shopper.


Hackett sport jacket -
AMI jeans -
Gitman Vintage oxford shirt -
Rolando Sturlini suede loafers -
Brioni knitted tie -
Icarus pochette -

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

wiwt : Green and black

My camera is back and I bought my first pair of black dress shoes.

I was quite satisfied with the color combination today. It shows that a green cotton suit also can be worn in a slightly formal way as well as for a casual event. I combined it with a black tie, white pochette and the new black shoes. It's quite an easy combination, but I believe that it's the details in the bracelets and the pochette that decides wether it works or not. 
Tell me what you think!

The shoes are handmade with a Goodyear welted sole, from the spanish brand Lottusse. I must say that I have been very satisfied with the brand earlier, except that it needs a silicon protection sole to prevent the water from penetrating the leather sole. I have had the shoes in my store some time now, but I have been wondering wether they were versatile enough for my wardrobe or not. As everything else I clearly ended up with a yes. I am a shoe maniac. So far I do not regret it, because I'm living off the saying that every man needs a nice pair of black shoes. 


The look

Suit: Flanella Grigia, Albertelli
Shirt: Morris Stockholm (Heritage line)
Tie: Eton
Pochette: Roda
Shoes: Lottusse (Selection line)
Bracelets: D'Amico
Timepiece: Seiko

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Street looks : Instagram

I recently lost my camera which is as boring as it sounds and because of that there has been a lower amount of activity on the blog. There's a new camera coming my way, so stay tuned!

Here are some photos from my Instagram (@sartorialliving) that you guys can look at in the meantime. 


Friday, 5 July 2013

Supply #5 - the Suitsupply

It's time for this week's tribute to my supply line

This time I chose to make an outfit from Suitsupply (Suitsupply, not "suit supply"). Previously I have had issues with the brand as I recieved a very bad costumer service when entering their store in London. I also experienced bad qualities and textures in their products, as I thought they looked quite like the cheap qualities Zara and all the other low cost brands use. Now I will have to admit that my opinion has come to a change. The photos I have seen online from either Pitti this summer or their website has been surprisingly good. Therefore yes; I've changed my opinion about Suitsupply. Let's just hope the customer treatment is better other places. 

A lot of the look includes linen pieces, which is the perfect summer garment. When using linen one has to be very careful to use different kinds of garments. For example I posted a look some time back that included a wool sport jacket, a cashmere vest and linen trousers. What was I thinking? Anyhow, it's important to keep the linen/linen or linen/cotton mix as a base combination. I have included a silk tie, which is close to the edge, but because of the strong color it works. Though I would prefer an orange knitted tie. 

Speaking of linen... I have dug out some old linen trousers from my closet which is exactly the same as the ones displayed here, so I thought it was fun to make an outfit with them. This outfit is therefore not only a Suitsupply look, it's also an outfit showing how I preferably would use the trousers. I will post a real life outfit when my tailor is done sowing on them and it gets a little warmer. Stay tuned!

Shop the look (everything Suitsupply)

Linen jacket - here
Linen trousers - here
Herringbone shirt - here 
Silk tie - here
Linen pochette - here
Tortoise shades - here 
Taupe tassel loafers - here

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Story : Boglioli

Have you ever heard the story about Boglioli?

With their incredibly soft and handmade tailoring Boglioli, under company president Mr. Mario Boglioli, is today one of the hottest products in menswear all over the world.

About a decade ago Mr. Pierluigi Boglioli, brother of Mr. Mario Boglioli, had a crazy idea that would change the conservative tailoring their family had been working with over the course of four generations. They figured it was the time to do something special as the internet boom was threatening the real bespoke tailoring all over the world. In order to keep themselves running it resulted in the pieces of Boglioli we know today. The jackets feels more like cardigans than blazers, which gives a totally new attitude to the wearer. Internationally the difference made is that the jackets gives the italian look the rest of the world so admires, but struggles to emulate.

Safely said Boglioli is not just another menswear brand that creates unconstructed and soft blazers. The difference?
Originally tailors uses pre washed fabrics to create a finished product, but Mr. Pierluigi Boglioli started to wash the jackets after tailoring. The crazy part is the fact that only one of 25 jackets is created a proper prototype, as every centimeter of the fabric roll reacts differently to the washing process. When using expensive fabrics together with hand tailoring this is hardly won, as the international market is oriented through low prize products. 

It is hard for the costumer to understand the price of the product before they have worn the pieces themselves. Therefore, as a seller of the brand and huge fan, it feels essential to tell the world what energy it takes to make such a piece and what makes this exact brand so special. 

Information about ordering and sizing is found below the photos. 

The one I am wearing is the K-jacket model.

When ordering
Their jackets can be bought online at Mr. Porter and are big in sizes. As a normally 48/50 wearer I personally chose 48. The fabrics are so stretchy and soft that the jackets won't feel too small even if the shoulders are a little out of line. 
For questions about models and styles do not hesitate to ask.  

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Film : The magestic O'MAST

O'Mast (2011) is a celebration to the hard working and passionate tailors of Naples.
In modern time mass produced clothing is a winning form of tailoring as it is price competitive and fast - as we are. This film shows elegance and beauty through old craftsmanship by the descending number of tailors, here in Napoli.

I am aware that it's an old film, but if I haven't seen it before there has to be some of my followers who hasn't either.

This is a beautiful film in my eyes and a must see. I will provide you with the trailer.


Directed by Gianluca Migliarotti

Friday, 28 June 2013

Supply #4 - beach essentials

A man should own a wardrobe suitable for every occasion of the day. During a vacation the beach is a big daily event, so try to leave the Hawaii surf trunks and tank tops inside the wardrobe. Preferably in the fireplace. With fire. 

These lightweight articles keeps you cool and are easy to carry around. The hand sewn quality of the Zanone pique, shown numeral times on my blog, gives you a cleaner look than the normal tee as well as it's lighter and leaner. A printed, mid-length swim trunk, small panama hat and mediterranean sandals helps you create an unavoidably superior look. 
The bag is quite essential when it comes to the whole look and is often a problem. Many of us has a week end bag of some sort, which is too big for the beach, and hopefully we are trying to avoid using a plastic bag from the supermarket. This easy tote is perfect for beach trips and also possible to use for other occasions after the summer is over. Problem solved. 

Tip: If you are not quite ready to spend your money on a beach bag you can use a big shoe bag in a neutral color to keep your keys and other essentials. It's actually a quite handy tip. 

Shop the look

Zanone pique -
Jacob Cohen panama hat -
Paul Smith swimtrunk -
Lottusse sandals -
Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses -
Mismo tote bag -

Monday, 24 June 2013

Street look: The olive suit

Due to a recent vacation I have had some problems with updating the blog as much as I would like to, but now I'm back!

Today I have finally put my olive suit on the blog. For those who are following my Instagram have seen it before, but not completely set up like this. I bought it in my favorite store located in Rome; Albertelli, Flanella Grigia. The suit is sown by hand and has an unbelievable comfort as it's made completely with cotton. What I like about the real italian jacket is the length. If I would to use the jacket alone it may be a bit too long, but otherwise it's perfect. The shoes are also from the same store, as I wanted something casual to go with the suit. 

A beige tie, linen pochette and a denim shirt really sets the look off. I hope you agree.

Today's look

Suit and sneakers: Flanella Grigia, Albertelli
Shirt: Eton
Tie: AD56 Milano
Pochette: Edsor

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Supply #3

Shop the look

Boglioli jacket -

Canali trousers -
Paul Smith loafers -
Loro Piana shirt -
Drake's pochette -
AMI knitted tie -

Monday, 10 June 2013

Street look: Layback linen

A really easy and subtile look today. 

The look

Jacket: Acquaviva 
Shirt: Morris Heritage
Trousers: Jacob Cohen
Loafers: Moreschi
Sunglasses: EPOS
Pouchette: Eton

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Street look: Green linen

I officially have a new favorite color - green. 
The color works with basically everything, especially in my wardrobe where everything is either blue, gray or earth colors. It spices up every outfit and I love the casual looks it gives. 

This jacket is a unconstructed, soft shouldered, linen jacket from the swedish brand J. Lindeberg. It has patch pockets and tan elbow patches. The few things that makes this jacket lack perfection is the absence of wide lapels, kiss buttonholes and three buttoned rollover instead of two. I have had some problems with the fit of Lindeberg jackets before because of the jacket length, but this one is quite okay. I highly recommend purchasing similar jackets.

Anywhosers. What I have received a lot of compliments and inquiries for is the shirt I am wearing today. It is an italian cotton shirt from Morris Stockholm (Heritage line). The fabric is from the house of Albiate. Sadly, the shirt can not be purchased online, and I believe that Morris only distributes their products inside Scandinavia. 

The shoes are old, and yes - they look old. I have started to like them a little more come summertime and I actually like the way the ages has spilled on them. Being a little tired of using the tassel loafers I believe this is a quite fair replacement, they are just a little too simple for my taste in the long race. 

Do not dwell in the past. Do not dream of the future.
Concentrate your mind on the present moment. - Buddha

The look

Jacket: J. Lindeberg
Trousers: Flanella Grigia
Shirt & tie: Morris Stockholm (Heritage line)
Pocket square: Boggi
Loafers: Sand
Accessories: Maledetti Toscani, Buddha and Orian

All time favorites