Thursday, 14 March 2013

Street look: Asian writing

The mark of this look is the linen shirt. This one is a handsown extreme cutaway shirt with printed asian letters on. What does it mean? I do not know.
What I love about this shirt is that is different, but yet extremely versatile as it only looks like a white textured linen shirt seen from further away. The fact that it has the collar cut as it has makes it even more likeable, with a sort of a collar roll at the end. 

Together with the shirt is the trousers, which also is linen. They are tailored from the knee and down to make the pointy endings such linen trousers should have. Wide linen trousers looks a bit too casual for my taste. This is a summer look I would to wear a lot, with or without the tie.


Asian writings print, linen shirt

The look

Shirt: Albertelli, Flanella Grigia

Pocket square and tie: Morris Stockholm
Sport jacket: Albertelli, Flanella Grigia
Loafers: Moreschi
Linen/cotton trousers: Albertelli, Flanella Grigia


  1. Nice look, but i think you should consider a wider tie knot with that shirt collar.

  2. I am impressed by the quality of information on Linen Shirt and Pants.There are a lot of good resources here.I am sure I will visit this blog again soon.

    1. Thank you, I just updated it further with info about the pieces. Linen is the best solution for summerwear, without a doubt.

      That makes me happy to hear.



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