Sunday, 5 May 2013

Street look : Rain coat

Today's look is all about texture.

In this look I do believe that the pant is the main piece. As you can see in the last photo, it is tailored with waistband tighteners and two pleats. In the past, pants with tighteners have been preoccupied sartorial pieces (made to measure). This is no such thing, but a ready to wear piece from the italian brand Incotex. The distributer of the brand is called Slowear, which also delivers an other brand that I am particularly satisfied with; Zanone. Though the pieces are high in cost, they are really worth the money. The fabrics are amazing and the cuts are perfect. 

What has to be mentioned is the rain coat I am wearing today. 
The brand has revolutionized the weather jackets and taken it to a whole new level. What is special about the jackets in general is that some of them is constructed with membrane that has a waterproofness of 20.000 mm. Inside there is used PrimaLoft which, combined with the membrane, also allows the jacket to breathe. 
The one I am wearing in these pictures is only resistant to water, where the rain just pours off. The amazing thing about this particular piece is that it has a warmth reflecting inside, which makes the jacket go down to 0 degrees, with just a total weight of 120 grams! It is actually a norwegian brand and you can visit their website here. Get one!

The sport jacket has been displayed in an other post just some few days ago as well. Click here to read more about it.

The look

Rain coat: Uber Function
Sport jacket: Morris Stockholm
Vest: Grimas
Trousers: Incotex (Slowear)
Shirt: Eton
Tie: Tiger of Sweden
Loafers: Moreschi


  1. Love the pleats!

    I never knew they could look that great!

  2. Just love your waistcoat. Tried to search for Grimas, but nothing came up. Do you have any other information about the brand? Best regards, Fredrik.

    1. Thank you, Fredrik. The waistcoat is bought in a small shop just by piazza San Silvestro in Rome. This is pretty much the only information I have about the brand, besides that it's an old brand.


    2. Thanks SL. I must also admit that I like your trousers as well. I have never seen trouseres with pleats that look so great! Do you remember where you bought them?

      Best regards

    3. Thank you very much. Almost all of my clothes are from my store in Norway. The brand is Incotex, an italian brand under the agency Slowear. Fantastic brand with a lot of nice pieces, especially pants.



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