Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Street look : Tutto a mano

Today's look is a perfectly typical "me"-look. 

Coming summer I tend to wear the coolest pieces I own, today with a cotton sport blazer, thin cotton shirt and linen trousers. Everything is sown by hand, even the shirt I believe. This prevents unnecessary fabrics, which also prevents the pieces from being thick and heavy. This season's keyword is "lightweight".

The shoes are also the most versatile shoes I own and I use them as much as I allow myself to, both with or without socks. I try to not use a belt as much as I can (because it looks nicer), but it's difficult as a lot of the trousers grow bigger after usage. A trick is to let them rest on a hanger before you use them again, though I've got in mind that everyone has their favorite trousers. Never the less; try to let them stay in the closet a day or two.

The bag is my one and only week end bag, which my girlfriend gave me as a birthday gift last year. I can see myself using it even more in close future, as the amount of week end getaways and trips to the beach increases from here on out. 

I hope you enjoy it and as always: look for links under the pictures to see similar pieces. 

See similar trousers here
See the bag here

Jacket, trousers and shirt: Flanella Grigia, Albertelli
Week end bag: Mulberry
Pocket square: Morris Stockholm (Heritage collection)
Tassel loafers: Moreschi

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