Thursday, 6 June 2013

Street look: Green linen

I officially have a new favorite color - green. 
The color works with basically everything, especially in my wardrobe where everything is either blue, gray or earth colors. It spices up every outfit and I love the casual looks it gives. 

This jacket is a unconstructed, soft shouldered, linen jacket from the swedish brand J. Lindeberg. It has patch pockets and tan elbow patches. The few things that makes this jacket lack perfection is the absence of wide lapels, kiss buttonholes and three buttoned rollover instead of two. I have had some problems with the fit of Lindeberg jackets before because of the jacket length, but this one is quite okay. I highly recommend purchasing similar jackets.

Anywhosers. What I have received a lot of compliments and inquiries for is the shirt I am wearing today. It is an italian cotton shirt from Morris Stockholm (Heritage line). The fabric is from the house of Albiate. Sadly, the shirt can not be purchased online, and I believe that Morris only distributes their products inside Scandinavia. 

The shoes are old, and yes - they look old. I have started to like them a little more come summertime and I actually like the way the ages has spilled on them. Being a little tired of using the tassel loafers I believe this is a quite fair replacement, they are just a little too simple for my taste in the long race. 

Do not dwell in the past. Do not dream of the future.
Concentrate your mind on the present moment. - Buddha

The look

Jacket: J. Lindeberg
Trousers: Flanella Grigia
Shirt & tie: Morris Stockholm (Heritage line)
Pocket square: Boggi
Loafers: Sand
Accessories: Maledetti Toscani, Buddha and Orian


  1. One of the best mens blogs. Cool outfit. I esp like this tie. A bit bulky chest pocket but thats normal with this kind of pockets. I like it v much mate!

    1. That is some compliment there, thank you very much, I'm very glad you like it.
      I know it is a problem, especially with the stiff linen quality. When it comes to the tie I agree, even though I normally don't like horizontal stripes as I think it looks tacky.

      I like your blog a lot as well man, keep up the good work. Thank you for the feedback.



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