Monday, 24 June 2013

Street look: The olive suit

Due to a recent vacation I have had some problems with updating the blog as much as I would like to, but now I'm back!

Today I have finally put my olive suit on the blog. For those who are following my Instagram have seen it before, but not completely set up like this. I bought it in my favorite store located in Rome; Albertelli, Flanella Grigia. The suit is sown by hand and has an unbelievable comfort as it's made completely with cotton. What I like about the real italian jacket is the length. If I would to use the jacket alone it may be a bit too long, but otherwise it's perfect. The shoes are also from the same store, as I wanted something casual to go with the suit. 

A beige tie, linen pochette and a denim shirt really sets the look off. I hope you agree.

Today's look

Suit and sneakers: Flanella Grigia, Albertelli
Shirt: Eton
Tie: AD56 Milano
Pochette: Edsor

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