Friday, 28 June 2013

Supply #4 - beach essentials

A man should own a wardrobe suitable for every occasion of the day. During a vacation the beach is a big daily event, so try to leave the Hawaii surf trunks and tank tops inside the wardrobe. Preferably in the fireplace. With fire. 

These lightweight articles keeps you cool and are easy to carry around. The hand sewn quality of the Zanone pique, shown numeral times on my blog, gives you a cleaner look than the normal tee as well as it's lighter and leaner. A printed, mid-length swim trunk, small panama hat and mediterranean sandals helps you create an unavoidably superior look. 
The bag is quite essential when it comes to the whole look and is often a problem. Many of us has a week end bag of some sort, which is too big for the beach, and hopefully we are trying to avoid using a plastic bag from the supermarket. This easy tote is perfect for beach trips and also possible to use for other occasions after the summer is over. Problem solved. 

Tip: If you are not quite ready to spend your money on a beach bag you can use a big shoe bag in a neutral color to keep your keys and other essentials. It's actually a quite handy tip. 

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  1. sartorial living outfits and beach accessories in normally use shirts and wardrobe suitable for every occasion of the day.


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