Thursday, 4 July 2013

Story : Boglioli

Have you ever heard the story about Boglioli?

With their incredibly soft and handmade tailoring Boglioli, under company president Mr. Mario Boglioli, is today one of the hottest products in menswear all over the world.

About a decade ago Mr. Pierluigi Boglioli, brother of Mr. Mario Boglioli, had a crazy idea that would change the conservative tailoring their family had been working with over the course of four generations. They figured it was the time to do something special as the internet boom was threatening the real bespoke tailoring all over the world. In order to keep themselves running it resulted in the pieces of Boglioli we know today. The jackets feels more like cardigans than blazers, which gives a totally new attitude to the wearer. Internationally the difference made is that the jackets gives the italian look the rest of the world so admires, but struggles to emulate.

Safely said Boglioli is not just another menswear brand that creates unconstructed and soft blazers. The difference?
Originally tailors uses pre washed fabrics to create a finished product, but Mr. Pierluigi Boglioli started to wash the jackets after tailoring. The crazy part is the fact that only one of 25 jackets is created a proper prototype, as every centimeter of the fabric roll reacts differently to the washing process. When using expensive fabrics together with hand tailoring this is hardly won, as the international market is oriented through low prize products. 

It is hard for the costumer to understand the price of the product before they have worn the pieces themselves. Therefore, as a seller of the brand and huge fan, it feels essential to tell the world what energy it takes to make such a piece and what makes this exact brand so special. 

Information about ordering and sizing is found below the photos. 

The one I am wearing is the K-jacket model.

When ordering
Their jackets can be bought online at Mr. Porter and are big in sizes. As a normally 48/50 wearer I personally chose 48. The fabrics are so stretchy and soft that the jackets won't feel too small even if the shoulders are a little out of line. 
For questions about models and styles do not hesitate to ask.  

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