Friday, 5 July 2013

Supply #5 - the Suitsupply

It's time for this week's tribute to my supply line

This time I chose to make an outfit from Suitsupply (Suitsupply, not "suit supply"). Previously I have had issues with the brand as I recieved a very bad costumer service when entering their store in London. I also experienced bad qualities and textures in their products, as I thought they looked quite like the cheap qualities Zara and all the other low cost brands use. Now I will have to admit that my opinion has come to a change. The photos I have seen online from either Pitti this summer or their website has been surprisingly good. Therefore yes; I've changed my opinion about Suitsupply. Let's just hope the customer treatment is better other places. 

A lot of the look includes linen pieces, which is the perfect summer garment. When using linen one has to be very careful to use different kinds of garments. For example I posted a look some time back that included a wool sport jacket, a cashmere vest and linen trousers. What was I thinking? Anyhow, it's important to keep the linen/linen or linen/cotton mix as a base combination. I have included a silk tie, which is close to the edge, but because of the strong color it works. Though I would prefer an orange knitted tie. 

Speaking of linen... I have dug out some old linen trousers from my closet which is exactly the same as the ones displayed here, so I thought it was fun to make an outfit with them. This outfit is therefore not only a Suitsupply look, it's also an outfit showing how I preferably would use the trousers. I will post a real life outfit when my tailor is done sowing on them and it gets a little warmer. Stay tuned!

Shop the look (everything Suitsupply)

Linen jacket - here
Linen trousers - here
Herringbone shirt - here 
Silk tie - here
Linen pochette - here
Tortoise shades - here 
Taupe tassel loafers - here

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