Tuesday, 16 July 2013

wiwt : Green and black

My camera is back and I bought my first pair of black dress shoes.

I was quite satisfied with the color combination today. It shows that a green cotton suit also can be worn in a slightly formal way as well as for a casual event. I combined it with a black tie, white pochette and the new black shoes. It's quite an easy combination, but I believe that it's the details in the bracelets and the pochette that decides wether it works or not. 
Tell me what you think!

The shoes are handmade with a Goodyear welted sole, from the spanish brand Lottusse. I must say that I have been very satisfied with the brand earlier, except that it needs a silicon protection sole to prevent the water from penetrating the leather sole. I have had the shoes in my store some time now, but I have been wondering wether they were versatile enough for my wardrobe or not. As everything else I clearly ended up with a yes. I am a shoe maniac. So far I do not regret it, because I'm living off the saying that every man needs a nice pair of black shoes. 


The look

Suit: Flanella Grigia, Albertelli
Shirt: Morris Stockholm (Heritage line)
Tie: Eton
Pochette: Roda
Shoes: Lottusse (Selection line)
Bracelets: D'Amico
Timepiece: Seiko

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