Thursday, 4 September 2014

Guest blogging: Victorinox Alliance

Victorinox Alliance
The mechanical watch of stylish elegance

Ever since the first automatic watches came in production there has been a continuously growing revolution within the production. Yes, there have been eras where the digital watches ruled and there has been eras where the old fashion battery watches ruled. These are just trends. And as we all know; trends come and go. The revolution of automatic watches have continued to evolve and the Victorinox Alliance is one step further in the revolution. I suggest you make it your step.

As time changes; you change. It will always be a difference in a man's preferences when it comes to watches. One year you would want a golden watch with a huge case, the next year you will want a small cased leather watch. Many of you most likely know that the watch you always turn back to is the mid-size steel timepiece that never goes out of fashion. The Alliance is that watch.
The watch in itself? Outwardly, the watch provides you with a serious, yet stylish expression, the pure definition of a watch that can be worn well with every outfit. The 40 millimeter stainless steel case is made with world known Swiss perfection, including the platitudes such as sapphire glass and luminescent time hands. The auto movement called ETA-2824 is known as being amongst the most robust and reliable mechanics within Swiss craftsmanship. I would like to call it a glowing expression of timeless fashion awareness.
The Victorinox Alliance is also available as a chronograph with a 1 of a 10th second precision, one of them with a fine carbon looking case, which I have tagged as my personal favorite (shown above). Visit the Victorinox home site for a complete overview and possible locations of purchase.

Full text written by Henrik of Sartorial Living (@sartorialliving) in partner with the Victorinox brand. 

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